Daniel Terdiman

  TECH journalist

About Me

I’m a Bay Area-based reporter and graduate of the Columbia Journalism School. 


As a senior writer at CNET News, I covered a broad range of stories and topics, from Twitter, startups and incubators in San Francisco and Silicon Valley to core technology companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, and others. My 2013 scoop about the Google Barge led to global coverage and my being included in a clip on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Over nine years, I also wrote regularly about entertainment, aviation, space, science, drones, and culture at large. 

I've also written extensively for Wired and The New York Times, and have written and reported for other national publications such as Time, Business 2.0, The American Lawyer, Martha Stewart Weddings, and others.

I am an active and regular Twitter user, with more than 14,000 followers, and my YouTube channel (GeekGestalt) has generated more than 3 million views. In 2006, I created and have since produced a highly-interactive annual Road Trip project for CNET that to date has generated more than 40 million page views.

I am fast, accurate, and well connected throughout the technology industry, and am as comfortable speaking with engineers as I am with C-level executives.

I'm currently freelancing, but would love to talk to you about other, more permanent, possibilities.